Saturday, March 27, 2010

Charles Osborne (hiccups)

Osborne, listed as "Charley Osborne" in the Social Security Death Index, was from Anthon, Iowa, U.S., and he was entered in Guinness World Records as the man with the Longest Attack of Hiccups. The hiccups started in 1922 at a rate of 40 times per minute, slowing to 20 hiccups per minute and eventually stopping on June 5, 1990, a total of 69 years. His condition also led him to be a guest on Ripley's Believe It or Not! in 1936, ABC's That's Incredible! in 1980, and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1983, and to be featured as a question in the board game Trivial Pursuit.

Osborne began hiccuping in 1922, while weighing a hog for slaughter. Despite his condition, Osborne was able to lead a normal life, marrying and having eight children.

An outside source estimated that Osborne hiccuped 430 million times over the 69-year period. Osborne's hiccup attack ended mysteriously on June 5, 1990.